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2nd Annual Luskin Policy Symposium

The 2018 Luskin Policy Symposium mobilizes an interdisciplinary approach to policy-making and praxis through the lens of social justice. By highlighting student research and engaging with a community of actors and advocates, this Luskin-wide platform for discussion and thought will enhance our mission of positive change in the world through community-focused action, intentional advocacy and equitable policy, planning, or service delivery. RSVP here >>

This year students from Luskin and across UCLA will present Social Justice-related policy research, followed by a panel discussion with policymakers, activists and advocates engaged in developing a more equitable and just approach to immigration.

Student Research Presentations | Advancing Equity & Justice Through Research

Students in all three departments have dedicated their time at Luskin to researching potential solutions to ongoing social issues. Five student groups across all departments will present on issues relevant to the theme of the event.

Panel Discussion | Empowering Immigrant Communities in Los Angeles

From the steps of the Supreme Court to the street corners of Los Angeles, immigrant communities are facing unprecedented challenges. At the same time, activated and engaged local groups - as well as state and national organizations - have taken leadership roles in organizing and advocating for policy and action that best meet community needs. This panel will engage local policymakers, activists and advocates on the cutting edge of immigration issues in Los Angeles.

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