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Community Power in Policymaking

PPDE presents the first in its series of informal conversations between community leaders and policy students. Please join us next week for a facilitated-but-casual discussion with the Institute on Inequality and Democracy's Activist-in-Residence, Manuel Criollo. RSVP here >>

The goal of this conversation is to learn more about policy implementation from a community activist perspective, best practices for how researchers civic leaders can be true partners to community groups and community movements, and learn about the challenges or tensions between activism and institutional policymaking in realizing change.

About Manuel Criollo

Manuel Criollo, an activist and community organizer with over 20 years of experience in Los Angeles County, has been on the community frontlines building and leading the Bus Riders Union at the Labor/Community Strategy Center.

Over the past 10 years, Criollo has led campaigns to end punitive school discipline and criminalization policies and practices in Los Angeles public schools. Through member and leader education, Criollo has recruited hundreds of working class grassroots leaders. His organizing work has led to the 95% reduction of citations and tickets to students for minor offenses during the 2015–2016 academic school year. Criollo says, “I want to focus on consolidating, disseminating and expanding our understanding of the punishment, security and policing apparatuses in LA schools and school policing broadly.”

During his residency Criollo plans not only to research and document the formation of the Los Angeles School Police Department, but also to create a timeline of community struggles against school policing, and organize an organizers exchange on UCLA’s campus.

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