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New PPDE Chairs for 2018-2019

Your new PPDE student leadership team is very excited to keep work toward building community for students of color, ensuring the MPP curriculum addresses racial justice issues, and creating an equitable and safe environment in our classrooms! Learn more about the individual board members below!

Marissa Ayala | Outreach Chair

Marissa is primarily focused on environmental policy and Latinx affairs. She got involved with PPDE to provide mentorship opportunities for prospective MPPs from underrepresented backgrounds. Fun fact: during her break between undergrad and coming to UCLA, she worked as a beekeeper in Northern California.

Susan Baik | Advocacy Chair

Susan is interested in immigration policy, specifically the intersection between immigration and criminal justice issues. PPDE is important to her because not only does she resonate deeply with its commitment to diversity and equity, but it was also one of the first settings in graduate school where she was able to feel a part of a community that would help her grow and think critically about social justice issues. She also loves food and is always on the lookout for new places to eat in LA!

Alexandra Bjerg | Programs Chair

Oceana Gilliam | Outreach Chair

Oceana is passionate about creating equitable policies that help marginalized communities. Specifically, her policy interests are education policy, eradicating the school to prison pipeline, and figuring out new ways that make transit in LA more accessible & efficient for low-income communities. Fun Fact: she knows how to play the ukelele.

Zee Graef | Budget Chair

Zee is a dual-degree student in Public Policy and Social Welfare with a focus on immigration and criminal justice—especially areas where those two systems intersect. She joined PPDE because she believes that creating a more diverse and equitable world starts with changing the spaces immediately around you. She grew up in rural Nebraska and really misses corn fields sometimes.

Ankhet Holmes | Advocacy Chair

Ankhet is interested in international diplomacy and cooperation, especially on issues like human rights, migration, and the environment. She loves that PPDE is shaping the UCLA MPP for the better, creating space for all in the program, in the curriculum, and on the faculty.

Sean Tan | External Affairs Chair

Sean's policy interests are immigration, health, and criminal justice. One fun fact about him is that he's a foodie. He loves going out to places to try out something new to eat!

Erica Webster | Communications Chair

Erica Webster is a second-year MPP student focusing on criminal and juvenile justice policy, including alternatives to incarceration and decriminalizing health issues. She is committed to PPDE because we care about community-centered policy-making and empowering students of color, and she also enjoys roller skating slowly in a straight line in full protective gear.

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